Mineral-Insulated Copper Sheath Heating Cable


  • Copper sheath with HDPE jacket
  • Cable is also available without HDPE jacket
  • Constant output along the entire length; no cold spots
  • Long life expectancy
  • Inorganic materials (will not degrade over time)
  • Easy to monitor and test
  • Hand formable
  • Operates on any voltage up to 600V, AC or DC
  • Easy to design (follows Ohm’s Law)

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  • Pipe Heating
  • – Freeze Protection
  • – Process Maintenance


  • Tank / Vessel Heating
  • Snow Melting
  • Freezer Frost Heave Prevention
  • Cryogenic Tank Slab Frost Heave Prevention
  • Hangar Door Rail De-Icing

Technical Resources

Literature: L-106-4A

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Installation: P-117-3

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