Keep your hangar door rails ice-free with a Rail De-icing System from Trasor.

For cold-weather areas, unheated hangar door rails can become frozen, preventing the hangar doors from being opened and closed properly. We design reliable automatic hangar door rail de-icing systems that prevent ice from building up on hangar door rails, so that the doors can operate in harsh winter weather conditions.

Mineral-insulated heaters are installed on each side of the bottom rails to keep them warm enough to prevent any moisture from freezing on the rails. Keeping these rails free of ice and snow allows the doors to roll across easily, opening and closing unimpeded.

To facilitate maintenance and easy replacement, optional rigid steel conduits can be installed on each side of the rails, allowing MI Heaters to be easily installed or removed, if needed.

Outdoor sensors can monitor temperature and precipitation, sending a signal to a controller or control panel, which then automatically turns the rail de-icing system on. The system is configured to turn on only when needed, and turn off automatically when those conditions have ended.

These systems consist of:

  • Mineral-insulated heaters
  • RTD sensors
  • Controllers and/or control panels
  • Optional Steel conduits (installed by others)