Trasor specializes in externally installed heating elements on tanks and vessels.

These systems provide even heat distribution on the side wall of the tank and are designed to keep your tank or vessel at the properly maintained temperature. Typically, no penetrations or welding is required on the tank walls.

Tanks and vessels can be heated with stainless Mat Heaters for quick and easy installation or with heating cables. Mat Heaters can be used in place of steam, hot oil or silicone rubber pad heaters.

The benefits of a Trasor Tank Heating System:

  • Thermostatically controlled (it’s only on when you need it)
  • No boilers/heat exchange systems, which are costly to operate & maintain
  • No leaking hot oil, which can cause environmental damage
  • Eliminates the personnel hazards of a steam heating system
  • Clean, environmentally-friendly electric
  • Easy installation

Trasor Tank Heating Systems are used for freeze protection, maintaining process temperatures and viscosity in small, medium, and large-volume, industrial storage tanks and vessels. Trasor engineers can assist in the design of your tank heating application.

Typically these systems consist of:

  • Heat tracing cables
  • Power connection kits
  • RTD sensors
  • Installation Accessories
  • Single-Point or Multi-Point Monitoring Panels