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Pipe Tracing
Trasor supplies two specifically different types of heating cables for various applications. Mineral Insulated and Self-Regulating. Each type has it’s own special characteristics. We can help select the cable that is most suitable for your application.

Tank Heating
Trasor electric mat heaters are perfect for heating tanks. They operate similarly to steam and oil jackets, but have MI electric elements in place of a transfer fluid. Unlike steam or oil jackets, they do not leak or require service or maintenance. Accurate and uniform temperature control is achievable, no hot spots.

Snow Melting
Trasor electric snow melting systems use MI heating cable.  It is the most rugged heating cable available.  MI cables are capable of producing the high wattages required for snow melting.  At normal operation, MI cables provide up to 60 Watts per foot, more than twice that of other cables.  Therefore less cable is required, reducing overall system and installation costs.

Electric Pipe Heaters
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