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Trasor "MAT" heaters can be furnished to easily fit the walls of a tank, vessel, drum, or shaped to fit over a pump or many complex configurations.  Construction is of a stainless steel cloth with heating cable permanently mounted to the inside surface.  Size can vary from just a few simple square feet to several hundred square feet.  They give uniform heating, with a wide range of watts per square foot available.  Equipped with Alloy 825 stainless steel sheath heating cables, the mats can withstand very corrosive and high temperature environments.  One of the greatest advantages of the mat heaters is the minimal labor required for installation.  They are relatively easily handled, with average weight of only .6lbs/sq ft.  To insure a snug tight fit, the mats are factory installed.  After the bands have been secured, the heating cable is safely protected by the stainless cloth.

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Very rugged and have an unlimited 
life expectancy.
(MI) cable on Stainless Steel wire cloth
Units will not age as will organic materials. 
Custom designed mats are very easy to install
Easily moved from one vessel to another.

Mat Heater Sketch

Mat Heater Sample


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