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Trasor electric snow melting systems use MI heating cable. It is the most rugged heating cable available. MI (Mineral Insulated) cables are capable of producing the high wattages required for snow melting. At normal operation, MI cables provide up to 60 Watts per foot, more than twice that of other cables. Therefore less cable is required, reducing overall system and installation costs.

Unlike glycol or hot oil systems, Trasor MI electric systems do not require any service or maintenance. Electric systems eliminate the use of salts or other chemicals that are detrimental to the pavement or environment. MI heating cable can handle the heavy snows, no longer is inefficient shoveling or plowing necessary.

Eliminates expensive mechanical snow & ice removal
Eliminates chemical salts that cut concrete life in half
Reduces risk of accidents and personal injury lawsuits
Reduces maintenance due to tracking of snow
Permits year round use of ramps and stairs
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