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(MI) Mineral Insulated Heating Cables
Factory assembled heaters are designed and constructed to have an indefinite and maintenance free service life. The hot section is fabricated to desired length, giving precise watt density and uniform heating. All units are terminated with non-heating cold section made to specific length. Trasor heater units are silver soldered for a completely hermetically sealed system. To insure the highest quality, each unit is immersed in a 12 hour water bath, and subject to rigorous testing procedures.

30 Year life and corrosion resistant
Alloy 825 Stainless Steel or Copper Sheath
Nichrome or Everdur resistive conductors
High temperature usage
Factory fabricated heating units with up to 1 year warranty

Alloy 825 Stainless Steel Sheathed Mineral Insulated Heating Cable

MISS (300V & 600V Alloy 825 Sheath* )

HDPE & Copper Sheathed Mineral Insulated Heating Cable

MIE (300V & 600V Copper Sheath*)
* Shown with optional HDPE overjacket

Type K&B (MI) Cable Type KN&KNL (MI) Cable
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